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The Ghent Altarpiece

Augmented Reality Experience

The Ghent Altarpiece AR

The Ghent Altarpiece,painted by the Van Eyck brothers, is one of the most famous paintings in the world and without any doubt a masterpiece with an interesting history.
Thanks to AR devices like the Hololens2 or a handheld tablet-solution, we created an augmented reality experience which learns you more about the Ghent Altarpiece, when and how it saw its first light, who ordered it and what kind of interesting events happened with it between then and now.
I had the chance to make a 3D visualization of St. Bavo's Cathedral in its different building stages. This building, where the original paintings are being displayed, evolved throughout history from a simple church to the current cathedral.
Next to the cathedral, I was also responsible for the creation of the project's digital assistant in 3D. This is a speaking kettle shaped object that has been painted on one of the painted panels. For this digital assistant I also had to come up with a system to make it 'speak' in some kind of way. Based on the audio-data I came up with an solution that makes the lid move accordingly.
For the initial mouselook prototype I also recreated the shape of the complete crypt of the St. Bavo's Cathedral in 3D, based on a 2D-map of the surface. All height information and additional details were made based on separate images.

My job for this project was mostly to create 3D assets & visualizations. Next to that I also had the task of setting up the experience system for the tablet-version, which was different from the Hololens.
3D Models, rigging and animations were made in 3ds Max.

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Wonderful AR-exhibition in the crypt


Beautiful Augmented Reality tour


Especially the virtual tour in the crypt is a must!


Fantastic AR-experience!


The AR-tour of the Ghent Altarpiece brings it to a higher level.


FAN-TAS-TIC! What a beautiful tour and a magnificent digital work! A must see!


I can't recommend the AR-tour enough, it's amazing! Absolutely do it


Project commissioned by and with the support of:

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